Liz ReillyA.jpg

Elizabeth Reilley

Psychic Medium

Clairvoyant / Clairsentient

Reiki Facilitator


Elizabeth has studied with States of Grace since 2014 under the guidance of Dianne Parker. She has a passion for healing and facilitates this using the client’s choice of Reiki, Mediumship or a Psychic reading (or all three!). Tarot and Oracle wisdom may also be used in your reading.


An empath, Elizabeth reads compassionately and with integrity focussing on your needs. Whether you need clarity around your next step, to release the past or to connect with loved ones in Spirit.


Elizabeth works face to face in Mona Vale, by phone or via the internet (eg Skype, Zoom) by appointment.

Zivia SmithA.jpeg.jpg

Zivia Smith

Psychic Medium

Trance Medium

Trance Tutor

Reiki Master


Zivia has studied with Dianne Parker since 2010, and also with Robin Hodson, President of the International Spiritualist Federation, at annual mediumship retreats.


Zivia’s love of working with Spirit, and her deep thirst for knowledge, have driven a passion for greater connection and exploration with those in the world of Spirit.  She enjoys both demonstrating her abilities and giving private readings, with the excitement of bridging two worlds, that of our physical world and the world of Spirit.


Zivia is a deep trance medium and has a grand passion for sharing the deep wisdom and knowledge from Spirit, both by her demonstrations and her tutoring.  Zivia tutors those who are interested in pursuing this unique form of mediumship.